how to sharpen a serrated knife with an electric sharpener

Sharpening electric knife blades with an electric sharpener is fairly simple and easy. Repeat the same process on the other side of the blade as well. They come in a variety of sizes, and the size you choose will depend on your needs. Serrated knives require a special sharpener akin to a round file. Try to get good quality sharpening equipment to avoid damaging the blade. I recommend buying some cheap knives and practicing before you move on to your $200 Spyderco. Sharpen a serrated knife with an electric knife sharpener will only take a few minutes. Using a sharpening rod or a manual sharpener like the DMT allows you to maintain this control… Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpeners are high-quality electric sharpeners that can put an extremely sharp edge on just about any knife in 15-30 seconds. This is the final stage for stropping and polishing straight-edge knives as well. So getting back to answering the question of how to sharpen electric knife blades….well it’s really no different than any other serrated blade! Okay – If you want to save time any of the electric knife sharpeners on this page will do the job on Stage 3. For fast, effective sharpening, simply place the blade in the slot and gently pull it through a few times. Check the knife to ensure that it has achieved the desired sharpness. Sharpening serrated knives are a different ball game altogether. The Chef’s Choice 120 is a diamond hone 3-stage professional knife sharpener. How to Sharpen Electric Knife Blades with a Sharpener? Regular blade requires a hand to move it back and forth, and an electric motor takes care when it comes to a serrated blade. Most of us think serrated knives dull because of food we slice by serrated knives but also when you do slicing the some edge of a knife blade is going to suffer. Sharpening serrations properly requires only a ceramic honing rod, and small, precise movements. Eventually though every edge becomes dull and loses its cutting ability. The motor powers the blade and makes it move back and forth so that it can cut objects effortlessly. Once you … Each stage relies on a 20-degree angle guide for that precise sharpening. If yes, then this is a wise investment.  The one-off payment for a good electric knife sharpener to bring back the glory of many knives including the serrated blade is a prudent decision. But that’s not true; those false advertisements are for selling purpose only. Basically, the main difference between an electric knife and a regular knife is that an electric one has a serrated blade while a regular one has a regular blade. So, the best tool to use would be a sharpening rod that fits between … Sharpening a Serrated Knife How do I sharpen a serrated knife? Learning how to sharpen serrated knives is like any other technique—you need practice to get good at it. Don’t worry, even if you take a look on an electric knife sharpener, you will guess how to roll the blade onto it. Most of these sharpeners use a 3-stage sharpener, where you will sharpen your knife using the third stage. Alright, so you’ve decided to work on your serrated edge….what next? Chef’s Choice knife sharpener makes knife sharpening a child’s play for anyone. Not all the electric sharpeners available in the market are suitable for your blade. I would avoid using electric knife sharpeners because you can’t control the amount of material taken off. Pull the knife across the belt slowly and steadily about 3 to 5 strokes. Chef’sChoice 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station for Straight and Serrated Knives and Uses Diamond Abrasives Made in USA, 3-Stage, Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 227 $150.38 $ 150 . You can easily optimize the blade sharpness once you have gained some experience with this Work Sharp Belt Knife Sharpener. If you think of upgrading your sharpening skills to handle wider blades, consider the Ken Onion Edition as a lifetime sharpener for home use. How to Sharpen Electric Knife Blades with a Sharpener? If this dilemma sounds like your situation, then it is the perfect time to learn how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener. If you want to use a sharpening steel, just make sure it has a higher hardness factor than the knife to be sharpened. Electric or manual knife sharpeners will not be able to sharpen a serrated knife. This article is a guide on how to sharpen a serrated knife with an electric sharpener. They are mechanically designed… I personally do not own an electric knife sharpener since I prefer sharpening knives by hand, but the steps to take a quite straightforward, quick, and easy to figure out once you purchase one. This can be extra fine, fine, … Always turn it off before cleaning and sharpening. So, before getting into the details of why’s, how’s, and other parameters of the serrated knife sharpeners, first let’s start with a brief on what serrated knives are. The bread knives are one of the most used knives by the chefs and home cooks. This will ensure the wheels are in contact with the blade, so they sharpen the knife. These sharpeners can effectively sharpen kitchen knives, hunting knives, and other blades as well. To bring ease and convenience into sharpening, the manual knife sharpeners were made. One more important thing: don’t ever hone serrated knives. As the blade of an electric knife has serrated edges, it stays sharp for a long time. The saw-like cutting action of these knives allows for aggressive slicing and the edges hold up well. Give 5 to 10 alternating pulls on the slot to develop the micro blades along the fine edge of the teeth. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You may want to learn how to sharpen serrated knives in a couple of minutes with an electric knife sharpener. Also read: Chef’s Choice 120 review for more insights into sharpening different types of knives. Serrated knives, like steak knives or bread knives, can be sharpened using a manual or electric knife sharpener. A lot of effort needs to put in to avoid over-sharpening and widen the gullets or the micro serrations of the serrated blade. We recommend Chef’s Choice and Work Sharp for all your sharpening needs. One of the best electric motorized knife sharpeners in the Darex Work Sharp Knife And Tool Sharpener. Serrated knives generally do not look the same from both sides. The standard serrated knife has 33 gullets, so you can expect to spend at least an hour to sharpen all of them correctly. Performance-wise, the Chef’s Choice 120 does a decent job for serrated knives. Be aware the coarsest belt will grind away more steel which is not what we want. However, to shorten the learning curve, learn how to sharpen a serrated knife with an electric sharpener in just a few minutes. It takes approximately 15-30 seconds to resharpen a knife. The Sharpmaker will be helpful to sharpen a serrated blade in no time, be it a steak knife or a serrated pocket knife. The first tool you’re going to need is a tapered sharpening rod. It will cause damages to the serrations unless you intend to re-profile it into a straight-edge knife. Some folks believe serrated knives need no sharpening but whenever it needs to restore the sharpness, a manual sharpener is sufficient. A sharpening rod (like this one) is rather like a honing steel, except it's smaller and narrower, and it tapers to a point, which means it offers various thicknesses along the shaft of the rod.This is helpful because the serrations on different knives are different widths and you want to apply the section of rod that best fits the serrations of your knife. It is better for you to get a knife sharpener instead. Always read the user’s guide the first time using the sharpener. An electric knife sharpener is one of the best choices to use. I recommend using the DMT Diafold Serrated Knife Sharpener (click the link to check it out on … It is meant for serrated knives and helps sharpen each serration individually. We believe every home should have a bunch of knives including a serrated knife and you’ll need to sharpen them one day. Just because an electric one doesn’t get dulled too quick compared to a regular one, doesn’t mean you are good to go without sharpening the blade for … There are some specific sharpeners for serrated blades. How to Use a Sharpening Rod . Pros and Cons Explained. Also, remember that not all diamond sharpeners are created equal. The Ken Onion Sharpener is the best of all Work Sharp models. An electric sharpener will come in handy if you have a set of knives that requires sharpening regularly. Please ensure you only need to sharpen the European style of knives and not the 15-degree Japanese knives. Switch on the unit and only use the third stage to sharpen the bread knife. A handheld knife sharpener works better for serrated edges than electric sharpeners because the serrations need to be sharpened individually. If you are using it for kitchen knives alone, then it will serve you. Rest the sharpening rod in the first serration of the electric knife blade; this is the first divot from the blunt base you are holding. Complete two runs on either side of the serrations so the blade will run for a total of 4 times. Many knives feature serrated blades. It also helps you sharpen your serrated knife faster. Pull the knife across the belt slowly and steadily about 3 to 5 strokes. A good alternative is to use an electric knife sharpener for serrated knives. The easiest way would be to buy an electric knife sharpener because you get the job done with little effort on your end. Sharpening a serrated knife is a little different than sharpening a normal flat knife as you need to sharpen each side differently. Use a small sharpening rod Lock the rod into a “gullet,” the groove of the serration Work the rod with slow, smooth motions away from the knife, applying light pressure Work the rod in one direction; don’t rub it back and forth Some of the electric sharpeners can handle serrated knives too. Will the Chef’s Choice Electric Sharpeners sharpen serrated knives? They are not a gimmick like … Yes, times have changed. Sharpening a Serrated Knife. An electric knife sharpener today comes with the ability to sharpen both the straight blade and the serrate knife. An electric knife has a serrated blade, and it is powered by an electric motor. Pull the serrated knife for a few strokes on each side of this stage against the angle guide. Your email address will not be published. Step 2: How to sharpen a knife with a whetstone or knife sharpener, the difference between honing and sharpening, plus professional knife … Carefully detach the serrated blade from the machine. In this step, the knife’s heel needs to go as deep as possible so that it successfully meets the grinding stone. Rest assured you can get better-than-factory performance with the Chef’s Choice 120. Step 1, Purchase a serrated knife sharpening tool. Electric ceramic knife sharpeners are not only suitable for ceramic knives, but can also sharpen other knives with the same precision.

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