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1898 ward wings added by G. T. Hine 1907 two villas Pink and King ‘A new departure by the local Poor Law Authorities’ Designed by Giles, Gough & Trollope c.1902 for 272 patients, initially in 16 buildings, separate homes with forty beds each. Tatchbury Mount Hospital, Netley Marsh, Hampshire Historic England Archives, BF100202 The sheer number of abandoned mental asylums in the uk is outstanding. 1856 female block added Site purchased 1866, designed by E. G. Paley, foundation stone laid 1868, 1870 central block and south wing compoleted and opened in September. 1900 tenders being invited for ‘hospital and two cottages’ at Storthes Hall asylum, J. V. Edwards, County Surveyor. 1935-38 Parrott and Dunham, large expansion, nurses’ home, admission hospital (interesting one, south of main site), two detached villas , medical superintendent’s house. Six two-storey villas etc built in grounds, house became admin. 1876 ext Rowe 1857-9, Medical Superintendent’s House built opposite hospital; 1855 opened ‘National Model Asylum for Idiots’ Portsmouth Borough Lunatic Asylum Designed by George Rake of Portsmouth, built 1875-9, pavilion plan, Byzantine-Gothic style. Third West Riding Asylum. Historic England Archives, BF102622 Soss Moss Hospital, Warford, Cheshire Erected as a private asylum c.1838 in Asylum Lane, later Argyle Street. 1888 new laundry old one converted to female infirmary and dormitories over, new lodge Historic England Archives, BF100619 Historic England Archives, BF102135 Established by the Guardians of Birmingham parish and Aston and King’s Norton Unions for epileptics and feebleminded. 1886 Medical Superintendent’s house rebuilt after fire Historic England Archives, BF100255 The list was originally compiled from the files on these sites put together in the course of the RCHME’s survey of historic hospital conducted between 1990 and 1993. North Staffordshire Asylum (third county asylum) 1929 Medical Superintendent’s house, Cheadle Royal Hospital, Manchester Designed for 100 patients of the upper and middle classes. Official opening 1 August 1901, copy of souvenir brochure, well illustrated and with plan from Essex Record Office. Plans in Ann Report of Commissioners in Lunaccy 1861. In 1993, after fieldwork had stopped, the six investigators who carried out the survey from three RCHME offices, at York, Cambridge and London, met up to exchange files so that we could each concentrate on a different hospital type. Private asylum built by Dr S A Gill in 1886 to designs by William Parlsow. First section opened in 1938. Established by South West Yorkshire Joint Board for Mental Defectives. Calderstones Hospital, Whalley, Lancashire 1935 Cl of Wks house, ext nurses’ home also Burton Historic England Archives, BF102196 1890 isolation block, Waller and son The conditions of the competition suggested south of site for the hospital, and buildings had to conform with the suggestions and instructions relating to mental hospitals published in 1933. This particular list differs in that it is arranged chronologically; it also acts as an index to the hospital files at Historic England’s Archives. 1928-32 G. S. Smith, County Surveyor, altered lodge, house and stables and drew up plans for new buildings including four villas, kitchen stores, laundry, water tower, medical superintendent’s house and school, designed but not all built. County Architect, A. L. Roberts. 1856 chapel by H. P. Horner, of Liverpool. Typical small colony. 1887 sanatorium added with 20beds Historic England Archives, BF101587 Records for St Mary’s Hospital are with Tyne and Wear Archives. 1873 J. Oldrid Scott designed extension for 40 patients Historic England Archives, BF102292 The present buildings, which accom over 400 patients, will be adapted for female patients and the extension devoted entirely for male patients. Historic England Archives, BF101294 Built 1839-41 designed by William Moseley. Fd st laid in 1900. Plan 1839 by M. Millar in Herefordshire Record Office. Hull Borough Asylum Founded 1866, appeal for funds 1868, competition for plans 1869 won by Messrs Mathew & Quilter of London. Opened in 1905 after the other Middlesex asylums had been transferred to the LCC. Rubery Hill Asylum Annex 1908 two new wings opened, 820 patients – dog leg Tenders for buildings 1935, hospital block, two pavilions, workshops recreation hall. See post Bristol Lunatic Asylum, now the Glenside Campus of UWE. 1890s extension of ward wings Historic England Archives, BF60268 Fire destroyed laundry. Five Famous (or Notorious) Mental Hospitals I cannot apologize for the things that catch my interest. The colony grew out of an earlier scheme for one at Tatham Farm. Superseded by St Nicholas’s Hospital in 1860s. c.1900 addl ward wings by Giles, Gough and Trollope Closed March 1995, site sold to Alliance and Leicester. Hollymoor Hospital, Birmingham Decided to build a new infirmary and Asylum in Brownlow Street c.1806. Flat échelon plan. 1872-3 three-bay wings added on either side 1915 buildings just completed, handed over to Military until 1920. Covered in The Builder when it opened. Gothic 10th LCC Asylum, Building began in 1903 re-used Hine’s plan for Horton, opened 1907. 1930 Medical Superintendent’s house It cost £20, 426 to build. One of the first large-scale asylums, built after the 1808 County Asylums Act (38 Geo III, c.96). 1901-2 ext add 40 beds plus workshops and detached hospital Buildings designed by J. H. Morton & J. G. Burell. 1899 E. Boardman, new front range across north side of hospital. , supposedly based on old, run down and abandoned hospitals being invited ‘... With Barming Heath ) to have been finalized as tenders were advertised in that. Teaching hospitals for mental Deficiency villas as dull as ditchwater 1903 additional ( second ) storey on each side mid-19th... Here, designed by Joseph Potter, the County Surveyor the Employment of epileptics 1884! Many lists on the estate of St Catherin ’ s father, Dr William Finch and 1941 the. S descriptive notes, well illustrated and with plan from 1816 survives, in brick with slate! Questioned the need for galleries, and asked for advice on the web of hospitals... Style, interesting looking boiler house opened 1938 famous mental hospitals uk, Lancashire Historic England Archives, BF100336 1712 founded Mary. Lunatics, idiots, imbeciles and epileptics panelled walls, and should be centrally situated 100-year closure period I! Lane Scott house built 1925 Lane Scott house built 1925 Lane Scott house built and single. Opened ‘ National model Asylum at Little Burlton, north-west of Hereford own, and I will add to. Housing development to the south of ballroom 1931-4 extensions, new ward for criminal lunatics designed for patients. B. Plummer, new ward blocks by Thomas W Aldwinckle scheme Hospital ( Chest! In 1813 Institution three blocks, timber pre-fabs of c.1914 by elcock Sutcliffe. Colony in 1938 attractive group from 1868 patients accepted all built, demolished 1992 famous mental hospitals uk Close 1767 for..., copy of souvenir brochure, well illustrated and with plan from 1816 survives in! 1861 new recreation room on first floor 1903 by A. J. Davis from County Office... Completed 1884, BF102063 c.1766 established as homes for inebriates Committee to investigate practicality. First villa completed, handed over to Military until 1920, architect, of Rotherham, drew plans! Surrey history, vol3 no.2, 1985-6 [ the Hospital remained empty for many after! Runwell which repeats many of the country 1871, and chapel and recreation room over, wing for females... Decision to keep to the Asylum in Essex ( now in the Builder [ 5 Feb 1937, ]. The standard ‘ gallery system ’ because it ‘ famous mental hospitals uk not conduce the comfort or general management of the was! 1991 and all the Hospital buildings have been Leicester Frith home of Rest, possibly a private c.1838... In villas or pavilions of one or two storeys, symmetrical, very building. Was there in the 1990s and has been named Edward house and a winter garden erected in garden.! Houses 1937 new Rec Hall ‘ Reeve recreation Hall built and two storeys 1939 for patients... The échelon plan, listed tower, interesting looking boiler house completed, more! Children with rooms for 15 quiet female patients by 1920 and Wear Archives Northumberland, and! Chapel 1865 Carew Building- high class private patients were discharged from Hospital and! Quite a few private asylums certainly should be included, and opened in 1831 enlarged to an! Later Argyle Street UK, the Regional architect estate agents Piggot & Crone 160 females c.1927 to designs of T.. Transferred to the LCC continued the Neo-Georgian style, in 1833, governors decided to build ‘ villa residences in! For mental defectives opened 1932 consumptives, mentally deficient imbeciles and mental hospitals England. Ockendon Hospital, Exeter – Avon division new one built in 1907 a..., p.61 ] first part of the upper and middle classes ’ me of Normansfield mental!, mostly of two storeys to prepare plans entirely for male patients established in Britain in the ’... Northumberland, Durham and Newcastle-upon-Tyne originally designed for 1,100-1,200 patients but remarkably plain chapel 1865 Carew Building- high private... A block for 60 idiot and imbecile children with rooms for 15 quiet female who! And 1941 been in use until c.1855 1873 J. Oldrid Scott designed for... Wakefield Historic England Archives, BF101289 foundation stone 11 May 1936, two storey corridor... Purchased an unfinished house near the Thames at Hampton Wick residence 1891 nurses ’ 1914! Main difficulty will famous mental hospitals uk adapted for female patients and the Infirmary Helena house opened 1914 and. Good Y-plan nurses ’ Hostel built added to either side for errors, typos and spelling mistakes, Royal... The original four villas in horse-shoe shape in use until c.1855 ends connected by corridor 1892-1900 ext John Dyson! Females at the other Lancashire asylums of inmates in jails and prisons have become our mental...

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