luna muse safari vs baby taylor

Even for the extra $200, I found it to be a much superior guitar to the Taylor Baby. The Stewart Stow-Away feels just like your favorite guitar and is easy to take anywhere. I thought it might be useful to share with you what I found when it comes to travel guitars. I have found the Johnson travel guitars of decent wualuty and sound and superior to the Backpacker which costs neRly twice as much. You did not mention VOYAGE-AIR guitars. Its great for picking and soloing as the action is super low. The size of mini acoustic guitar is normally available in ¾ or ½ of the actual size. Taylor 814ce Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural with V-Class Bracing and Radiused Armrest $ 3,699 .00 Or $103 /month § for 36 months i So true, Rick. In retrospective, I don’t know if I should have bought something super cheap like a Yamaha Junior, that works but was unmistakable a throw-in-the-trunk guitar, or not buy a travel-size guitar at all. In this article, you will be going to know about the best mini acoustic guitars, and most about the types of mini acoustic guitar feature about each type and the reviews. This traditional style is available in a number of sizes and body shapes ranging from tiny (Baby Taylor) to gargantuan (Gibson Super Jumbo). Baby Taylor: $299. Another excellent travel guitar option is a Little Martin. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I saw a member of Willie Nelson’s tribute band play what appeared to be a 12 string backpacker style guitar (Martin?). Everything is a compromise, but I find the backpacker to be the only (best?) Ultimately, it eliminates any excuse I have for not having a guitar with me, and, therefore,not practicing. in-depth review of the Little Martin guitars, FAQ: At What Age Can Kids Begin Learning Guitar? They are significantly cheaper than the others mentioned above, ( around the £110 mark) and the financial difference is well worth the trade off. If you have the money, though, there’s no reason the GS Mini can’t make an excellent travel guitar as well! Luna Aurora Guitar is the perfect instruments for those who want to learn. The price is pretty much the same as the price of a similar guitar without the hinge. The most astonishing and attractive feature of Luna Aurora Borealis Guitars is its Iconic Crescent moon sound. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 1- Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar - Mahogany, Proves the comfort with its simple and natural body design, Physical damages may be easily observed, so, it is a little con of it, 2- Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar, Available in open chrome of tuning machine, ¾ in Size with the sound quality of Standard Acoustic Guitar, Needs a little bit time of getting used to, C Shape Neck and with a Nut width of 1.69”, Reasonable price for this model of Luna Safari, Lightweight Guitar that fits in small space, One of the perfect companions of traveler, Solid wood combinations of spruce/mahogany, portability balance and classical playability, Transitional instrument from Ukulele to Guita, Minor/little tuning issues with a default set, 5- Borealis 3/4 Acoustic Guitar by Luna Aurora, The Fretboard is Rosewood with 12" of radius, 6- Coco x Cordoba Mini Guitar - Cordoba Guitar, Coco makes this guitar a winner especially for kids learning Guitar, Built with high-quality woods and with Craftsmanship, Sound is not as loud as compared to other Acoustic Guitar, 7- BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar – Taylor Guitar, A great companion for those who want to play guitar long hours, Much of maintenance is required to keep this guitar working, 8- Fender CP-100 Parlor Small Body Acoustic, Strings: Fender Dura-Tone Coated 80/20 Bronze, Great for those players, who love play and built to last, A Great projection for a mini guitar, at reasonable price, Adequate for most rooms and can even be heard well enough outdoors. Advantage of Taylor Guitar is that if you don’t have enough to spend on full-sized Taylor Guitar that costs around 15,00 $, then you can the same specs guitar Taylor BT2 Baby Acoustic Guitar in ¾ size in just 349$. Being a mini dreadnought means that it is well, mini. Looks fairly nice, has a unique sound of a 3/4 size guitar, and it has the Fender brand name attached to the headstock so I guess that’s kinda a plus. Bill Farmer as Goofy and Pluto 4. 1. I’m an unashamed fan of Taylor Guitars. This Guitar is actually a gift for beginners because of it easy to play frets and a great style of playing. At first glance you might appreciate the fact that these guitars are $100 or more less than the Baby Taylor or Little Martin guitars. Since it was made with an animated cartoon so don’t get that it’s just for kids. If you are a bicyclist or ride a motorcycle, it is easier to take a mini-guitar wherever you go. Cutaway is available for a bit more and they come in a case that can fit in the overhead. Product Price $369.00. The neck is removed and slides inside the body with the strings still on. Read More About: Best Acoustic Guitars under 1500. These instruments come in ¾ with true sound quality. The model I bought has a solid wood top and laminate sides but, for more $$$, you can get an all solid wood model. Website: Your email address will not be published. I have the option to purchase an Applecreek travel guitar, the ACG10EK for $129.00. ... Taylor Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar. It’s a petite work of art with a variety of vintage selections. 13. Check out the Stow-Away line by Stewart Guitar Company. Unlike most travel guitars each KLOS guitar is carefully built by a small crew here in the states. I wouldn’t bother spending any money on it. Thanks for the comment . Taylor Mahogany Acoustic Guitars. Thanks to Ukulele Music for the shout out! My luna safari playing neck is about 15 inches. But when I’m traveling to the beach for the weekend with nothing but a camera, a swimsuit and a toothbrush, the Martin Backpacker keeps my chops in shape with a minimum of poundage. I take the Baby whenever I’m going to board a plane. It also sounds a bit boxy and thin. It’s designed as a 3/4 size travel guitar, so it will fit in an overhead locker. my team have found the best deals for you. I decided I didn’t like either option. $139.99. Hello- for electric travel instruments I am trying to fill a void where there are not any full-scale instruments around. A nicely designed, built for comfortable playing guitar for beginner guitarist. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Luna Safari Series Muse Spruce 3/4-Size Travel Acoustic Guitar - Natural at They are full-scale and play and feel like your favorite guitar but you can take it anywhere. Some of the sites that list the weight have been listing the total shipping weight including packaging instead of the guitar weight. I ended up buying the taylor, mostly because the materials on the LX1 looked awful and the neck was way to heavy. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Travel & Mini Acoustic Guitars at Guitar Center. Product Price $169.00. Check out the Stow-Away line by Stewart Guitar Company. Of course, I’m not very familiar with the Johnson travel guitar, so I’ll have to check that out. You get to try many different guitars, travelers and 3/4 size in this case. This Guitar is not big in size, and the mixture of portability and its best musical attributes have proven a winning package of Guitar that fits in many ways of life. This Guitar is a much comfortable, lightweight, U shaped neck with 50mm nut width, that offers the feel of full-size Guitar. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Luna Guitars – frankly I’m not that familiar with them either – but they’ve made a name for themselves in the travel guitar niche with their beautifully-designed Safari series of guitars. I did quite a bit of research before buying this guitar (I know, it sounded like an impulse buy but it wasn’t). I am launching this product currently. I truly wish you well in your search. It also fits nicely into overhead compartments on most airlines. You must check it out. More than anything, these guitars have an incredible visual appeal, which for a travel guitar isn’t a bad thing. I’m traveling on beach vacation in a couple weeks and I am facing a tough decision. They are an Australian Company, with these made under contract in China. Check pricing on the Luna Safari: Dean Flight Travel Guitar – $149 to $169. , Had a Vagabond for years and loved it. This guitar holds up to the sound of a baby Taylor or a mini Martin, maybe even better. I think it’s all up to preference. I picked up a Blueridge BR-41 recently and the tone rivals the Taylors and Martins. Guitars like the Luna Muse Safari Series, or the Ibanez PF2MHOPN, are ¾-scale instruments that produce decent tone and a similar feel to playing a conventional acoustic. The CP-100 Guitar is designed by world-renowned brand “Fender”. I spend some time at guitar center demoing the Baby taylor vs the Martin LX1. I still need to get the action fixed, it buzzes a bit, and maybe put some elixirs on it, … This Mini (Travel) Guitar the capability of retaining the playability of full-size Guitar. The Luna Safari Series Guitar also comes with one Gig Bag. If you don’t mind playing in a different key, the Yamaha GL1 makes a great travel “guitar.” I think originally they called it a 1/2 size, but then started calling it a guitalele. it’s around 150$. The size makes it an ideal companion in case you are traveling. Mine is only a month old, but I hope it stays true. The Dean Flight travel guitar is an excellent budget option since it also comes with its own padded gig bag. It’s only for practicing; I would never play a gig with it. These great Guitar models guarantee’s the more quality of sound with the age of Guitar. Lastly, have you taken it to a tech for a set up? So, yes you get it, this guitar is suitable for those who love to travels with guitars. Like the Baby Taylor above, the Little Martin comes with a custom padded gig bag with the Martin logo stitched on the front. Your thoughts on the Taylor GS Mini since it did not make your list. Check out our KLOS Guitar Review article for more in depth details to how they’re made. It’s available with 6 strings that ensure the great quality of sounds. Free shipping for many products! If I were to write an article detailing the “Best Mini Guitars” then I would choose the GS over the Baby every time. The Luna Safari Series is indeed the perfect variety of guitars for guitar lovers and players that cost at $169. They offer strings sets tuned to standard as well as pitched up to “A”. From the beautiful vine motif on Taylor Swift's Baby Taylor, to the iconic heart-shaped rosette on the Alkaline Trio's Fender, to the patriotic power of Dave Mustaine's Dean, these guitars not only give you the tone of your heroes, they also can help you look the part, whether you're into country-pop, punk rock, or heavy metal. I’ve recently been eyeing a new nylon string travel guitar. I rotate several others playing in the evening. I don’t know if this qualifies as a travel guitar, but I recently bought an Orangewood Oliver Jr. Mini acoustic/electric (Fishman electronics). I have recently purchased Martin Acoustic Guitar from Music Express.They do really have fantastic options and every product is offered at an affordable price. They went with carbon fiber for the body due to its strength and then designed the rest of the guitar around it with features to bring you a truly phenomenal sound. This mini guitar is available in different sizes as I mentioned earlier, so knowing each size plays an important role in finding the best and great travel guitar for you, either in ½ or ¾. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I ended up buying the taylor, mostly because the materials on the LX1 looked awful and the neck was way to heavy. $600. That extra money you spend now will go a long way. I am new to guitar. The Luna Safari travel guitars come in a wide variety of designs which include oddly-shaped soundholes, laser etching and one painted to look like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I originally ordered this case for my Luna Safari Muse Nylon guitar; it's a bit roomy for the Luna but a little bit of padding on the bout end of the case makes the Safari more secure. I have a little Martin LX1E and a Martin steel string backpacker and love both. It’s well-constructed, though, and looks amazing. Chris Diamantopoulos as Mickey Mouse 2. Obviously, I’m in the market for a travel guitar. The addition of the Celtic laser etched henna by “Alex Morgan” makes this guitar more valuable. Learn how your comment data is processed. It even comes with a very nice travel case that offers great padded protection and looks very nice. Acoustic Guitars , Luna Guitars manufactures instruments that are artistically designed, physically comfortable, affordably priced, and sound as good as they look. The body of this Guitar is a mixture of mahogany/Sapele and Top is with Tropical Mahogany. And for this price…it’s not much of a risk! For, the Guitarists that travels a lot, then this is the best choice for them to get the Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Guitar. Google “Vagabond Travel Guitar” and you can find many reviews and videos, Hey Kevin, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! It does a great job of keeping the guitar safe while also looking very cool. Where you could find these products is by shopping on online stores. And yes it may supersede a standard sized acoustic guitar. The Baby Taylor while sounding great for its’ size, doesn’t sound nearly as nice and is lacking in the low end. The sound is good without being great but again, this isn’t always the primary reason people buy travel guitars. It’s a drop shoulder dreadnought design. This Guitar is built with natural designs and with good quality of grade woods in order to ensure sustainable and quality sound. The travel guitar's 3/4 size makes it an ideal travel companion. I would be interested in getting your opinion on the Orangewood line of guitars in a future article. I chose the Baby Taylor over the Martin because I felt it had a little more clarity warmth. You’ll be amazed! These instruments are elegant, rugged, and sound great for the size. Even more amazing is that they’ve created such a deep sound using all laminate wood. Do you have any experience or thoughts on either of these? Check out our. These are my top 5 best travel guitars. Many travel and mini-guitars are compact instruments that manufacturers design to be lightweight. The reason people might choose the Little Martin over the Baby Taylor is the rich bass sound that they’ve somehow been able to coax out of such a small guitar. The also make an electric guitar with the same hinge. As a musician, it is important to be able to play whenever the mood arises and having a travel guitar allows you to do just that. It’s also small enough that the spouse doesn’t complain about “cluttering up the joint”. This Guitar offers the playability of a full-size guitar (Nylon-String) in a compact with an impressive sound. The backpacker stays by the bed and gets played every day. You get free consulting and though some may be pushy or uninformed, others will share wisdom and really care about you. In addition to being a conveniently compact size, it also has the capability to remove the neck so you can fit in your carry on, backpack, or wherever you need it to fit! I thought I would also add that unlike small acoustic guitars, small solid body electric guitars do not suffer tone loss, are more compact, and sturdier for traveling than acoustic guitars. The tone for a smaller type is what you would react. Hi Josh, He can get motivation with such a guitar that is modeled after the Pixar Movie – “Coco”. I may try to swap it for a baby taylor. Suitable for small-handed guitar players and as an extra small gigging guitar, it is one guitar you would really love to own. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The Luna Muse Safari comes with a gig bag. I have not yet electrified it but any standard transducer for acoustic guitar will fit. Guitar Taylor Big Baby $350 (Philomath) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Dave. 15% Off $99+ w/ Code. Isn’t it.? MORE INFO: Give us a call at (406) 290-9390 or email us at for more information. Sound is secondary. This series of Guitars is compact folk instruments that were released after “FG Folk Series” the well-known Guitars of Yamaha. Luna Aurora Borealis guitars are the most beautiful guitars but aren’t all about design but quality. I own a couple of them and I have a bit of a bias toward the Baby Taylor, I admit. Sole saving grace is indeed its size. However, it is still just a fraction of the price that you would pay with other carbon fiber guitar manufactures. Cordoba, the most popular manufacturers of Guitars, Cordoba, has proved by improving the guitar choices with the amazingly modeled Guitar. It does cost a little bit more than other travel guitars typically go for. Before I start sharing my views about each guitar and their listing their features, I would like to share about what actually mini acoustic guitar is? Not only does it have a nice backpack type gig bag with a front pocket to hold your music and other things, but a neck sleeve as well. The GS mini is perfect for hauling around the city or to take to a friends house. There are some people who say that the Baby Taylor has a shallow sound lacking the bass that the Little Martin (see below) provides. Do you see it as a decent option? They call it HPL or “High Pressure Laminate”. The JR1 series are from the blood of great guitar from Yamaha. Agreed, I had one for a while and hated it. Its tonal voice makes this instrument more precious. In 2011, my dad bought me a Tanglewood Roadster TWRT travel size guitar after i picked it up to play at the store despite the price tag of $150 plus at that time for it’s size n country of origin. Usually available in natural colors that the most Guitarists love. Offerings include acoustic guitars, electric guitars, travel guitars, children's guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, banjos, & ukuleles. The Cordoba Coco x Cordoba Mini Guitar is all about motivating the music – just like presented in the movie. These guitars are also good for beginners and children, as their short-scale necks require less finger-stretching dexterity to master. Martin LX1E Ed Sheeran Guitar 2013 Sapele. Works especially well with a Vox amPlug 2 headphone amp, and headphones. I would also like to mention some newer, interesting options for travel guitars. The Luna Safari Muse Mahogany is a stunning ¾ travel guitar and also very affordable. This guitar was designed with two major factors in mind, functional traveling and quality sound. For more details on the series, read my more in-depth review of the Little Martin guitars. The neck sleeve fits snug around the neck for extra protection and even fits inside the gig bag. | Guitar Adventures, The Top 5 Best Parlor Guitars (That Don't Suck! Luna Guitars Muse Safari Series Mahogany 3/4 Dreadnought... 4.5 of 5 stars. Read More About: Best Acoustic Guitars under 500. Those looking for a travel guitar aren’t as concerned about how the guitar sounds plugged in, rather they want something light on the back and light on the wallet. I am only 5 feet. 5.0 of 5 stars. With all these features, this guitar is still cost under $500, which is less than its worth. Sure, it doesn’t have the same volume as a full-size guitar but it feels great in my hands and it’s going to travel nicely in the overhead bins. CP-100 Parlor is really an addition to one of the list of top and impressive guitars. Keeping in mind that these sized may differ from company to company, we have detailed research about each product to keep in a certain category list. Just know the fact that a Mini Acoustic guitar is a complete set if guitar with full and perfect sound. It’s always been a bit too big for me, and I have very small hands – so I’m looking for something with a thinner neck as well as a smaller body. It’s an all-laminate guitar (same as the Little Martin) with a thin sound I’ve come to expect from smaller travel guitars. I spend some time at guitar center demoing the Baby taylor vs the Martin LX1. Thanks sharing, Brian. Finally, there are the Jumbo and Super Jumbo acoustic guitars. Offerings also include electric guitars, travel guitars, children's guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, & … Are you looking for a high-quality Taylor guitar, then this guitar is the best choice for you? The Bottom end is a little lacking, but it's a parlor, not a dreadnought. I’m surprised the Washburn Rover didn’t make the list. For me, the cost was a bit tough to swallow, but the KLOS guitar just offered the features I needed for my back country treks, and the sound is superior in my opinion to comparable small body guitars. This Safari Guitar series comes in ¾ size; a blockbuster travels acoustic guitar. 4.0 of 5 stars. In short, if you are an excellent sound guitar with fine quality, at an affordable price then it’s a better selection for you. Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany 3/4-Size Travel Acoustic Guitar - Natural. Their longer and wider bottom halves, and deeper depth provide more volume and bass for a bolder overall sound. I have a old seagull parlour guitar from their artist series (discontinued) which sounds absolutely amazing allso 14 fretts..will keep this one forever nothing in its size compares. Like the review said, if you have the money for it, BUY A KLOS! Browse ukuleles, acoustic guitars and more at Luna Guitars. Not taking your more time, let’s talk about the top 6 best Mini Acoustic Guitars. We manufacture exotic instruments that are artistically designed, physically comfortable, affordably priced, and sound as good as they look. I’m still trying to understand the positive reviews… There were some other travel guitars that had better sound than the Backpacker, but did not provide the portability and durability anywhere close to KLOS, nor did they sound as good as the KLOS, IMO. I would characterise it as a 3/4 guitar; it is very light but is very solidly made. The custom fully-padded case (not gig bag) is a nice touch as well. I have to think the complaints come from trying to use it as if it had a normal body. We love this guitar! I have a Morgan Monroe mini 12 string after a $75 setup it sounds and plays great. How bout the Yamaha JR-1, JR-2, JR-2s? The acoustic guitar's 3/4 size makes it an ideal travel companion. Full disclosure: I am the maker! I bought both with the mahogany tops. Also, mine sounds every bit as good as any guitar I’d buy for what paid. Thank you so much. My goal was to find a travel guitar that didn’t suck. You can take travel guitars on planes, trains, buses and in your own car. You can hear some weird harmonics going on, sounds a bit all over the place. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. There’s no special visual element other than the Dean wings emblem being used as fret markers. But I’m definitely missing the low end. Not sure if you live close to any music stores, but doing reconnaissance is a lot of fun. I’m still sticking with my Voyagaire. To me, it was worth the added expense as I really wanted something that was durable and sounded good for my purpose, backpacking. The neck on mine is pretty substantial so wondering what may have caused your problem: also humidity and heat or out in the sun. They are, again, full size, coming in OM, Dreadnaught and Mini-Dreadnaught sizes. The removable neck, durability and impressive sound makes this guitar perfect for my use. The Luna Muse guitar from the Safari Series is a 3/4 dreadnought travel acoustic that features a mahogany top, back, and sides as well as a Celtic laser etching around the soundhole. Anyone of you wants to become a future Guitarist and having the training in it. Which one is good as I am small and I have very small hands. The Luna Muse guitar from the Safari Series is a 3/4 dreadnought travel acoustic that features a mahogany top, back, and sides as well as a Celtic laser etching around the soundhole. Let’s know more about the feature and pros and cons of this amazing instrument. Hey Margie (and Josh) Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars for Beginners, Top 5 Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Ever Made for Beginners, Best Affordable Acoustic Guitars: 5 Reviews 2019, Best Bass Guitars under $500: Top 5 Reviews 2019, Top 08 Best Mini Acoustic Guitars for Travel, Best Electric Guitars under $200 (Top 6 Reviews of 2019). These guitars are pretty basic. I have both the GS mini and Baby. Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck A mini acoustic guitar is just like a simple acoustic guitar but that is smaller in size than a standard acoustic guitar. , Haha! You did not mention the Takamine GX 18 CE. The guitars now cost $400 and up and sound about the same as a non-folding guitar of the same price! I’ve had a lifelong interest in music and took piano lessons with an ineffective teacher. Luna Safari Muse Guitar is a compact Guitar that delivers the perfect quality of full-size guitar. What do you feel about it’s playability? It’s a standard OOO size but folds in half–the neck hinges away. Luna Aurora Imagine Mini Acoustic Guitar, Black reviews and best price. The Fender MA-1 is definitely worth looking into. JR1 FG Guitar is the best suitable for the young players, players with small hands, they will love the sound of big acoustic Guitar in this undersize Guitar package. … Taylor's Grand Performance models are a GA with a bigger, rounder bottom half (lower bout) for a meatier low-to-midrange. The Baby for travel and the GS mini simply because I loved the way it felt and sounded. Granted, the action needs some babying, but having a full size neck makes all the difference. The compact size of the travel guitar can be a huge benefit while traveling. Sounds awful and you can’t just pick it up and play as you neeeed the strap all the time. To start I’ll show you a comparison chart and then go into detail with each guitar further below. Guitar News, Reviews and Guides, Guitar Chords learning system, Online Guitar Tuner helps you to tune. I bit the bullet for the KLOS guitar option and I’m glad I did. Dreadnoughts like the ever-popular Martin D-28 are favorites of both flat-pickers and finger stylists on the basis of … Most orders are eligible for free shipping. What are their types that exist in today’s market and why we call them as mini.? It has surprisingly the loud sound quality as the full-size guitar has. Compromise if ultimate portability keeping full size neck is high on your list. You might be surprised! A big reason for this price difference is name brand. They are not electrified but, as standard size guitars, all options systems should fit. There’s a pocket in the front to keep music sheets, capos, picks and anything else you want. The Cordoba Mini. Also it kept going out of tune. I have a Takamine I bought in the late 70’s. Hi There! Although there are many available mini acoustic guitars by different sellers here we will share the reviews about the top travel acoustic guitars. Russi Taylor (2013–2019) as Minnie Mouse (The episode \"Carried Away\" was Russi Taylor's last role, as she died in 2019.) It is one of the more expensive travel guitars but it’s worth the money in my opinion. I’ve had mine two years and love it. This is the mahogany version, but if you click on the link there are also Solid Spruce (lighter wood) and Taylor Swift Signature series versions of … The Martin had a more balanced sound, but it was pretty dull when picking, at least for me. Fender Mini Tone-Master Amp. If yes, then be with us to know more about it. Luna Guitars Muse Safari Series Mahogany 3/4 Dreadnought... 4.5 of 5 stars. Not as big a sound as the others, except the backpacker which imho should not be on this list. This Guitar is capable of producing reasonable volumes, but it’s not on a dreadnought’s level. I hope this helps you in finding the best Guitars if still wants to know the Pros and Cons of this Instrument then please see below. Scale is 25.5″. I want to play guitar to sing songs with kids. Plus why stop at acoustic… electric, bass, with built in amps all for the traveling guitar player. Any suggestio s or leads? Excellent. ... Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Guitar. It looks like the real deal and sounds like the real deal…but it’s not. Laminated woods, Creates a synthetic sound rather than an authentic tone. This beautiful small body guitar is the best instrument for causal playing either you are at your home or in any closed setting. Is it a good travel guitar? This Guitar comes in small size so become the best suitable and friendly for younger’s and even for small hands. Required fields are marked *. I enjoy also the Martin Dreadnought Junior – a tremendous guitar for the price!

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