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[141], PC Settings app in Windows 8 can be used to interact with Windows Update, although the traditional interface from Control Panel is retained. [81] Previously, users had to change icons manually by editing configuration files. [149][151][152], On Windows RT, logging in with a Microsoft account automatically activates passive device encryption, a feature-limited version of BitLocker which seamlessly encrypts the contents of mobile devices to protect their contents. [77] For easier management of files and folders, Windows 8 introduces the ability to move selected files or folders via drag and drop from a parent folder into a subfolder listed within the breadcrumb hierarchy of the address bar in File Explorer. The process of adding new disks or replacing failed or older disks is fully automatic, but can be controlled with PowerShell commands. [127], Other major features include preemptive multitasking with finer granularity (DMA buffer, primitive, triangle, pixel, or instruction-level),[128] reduced memory footprint, improved resource sharing, and improved timeout detection and recovery. This functionality was demonstrated with an AT&T app, which could also display monthly data usage statistics on its live tile. Well, not this time. Here’s a roundup of our favorite new features to debut with Windows 8… [67], Windows 8.1 introduces a Quiet Hours feature, also available on Windows Phone, that allows users to suppress notifications based on the time of day (e.g., notifications can be disabled from 12:00 AM to 6:00 PM). There have been many different versions of Windows over the years, including Windows 7 (released in 2009), Windows Vista (2006), and Windows XP (2001). [53][54] When enabled, Smart Search exposes additional search categories within the user interface: web images and web videos,[54] and can be accessed via a new keyboard shortcut, ⊞ Win++S+. [148] However, the feature was dropped before the operating system's general availability. [111], Windows 8 implements OEM Activation 3.0, which allows Microsoft to digitally distribute Windows licenses to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The traditional desktop is accessible from a tile on the Start screen or by launching a desktop app. [124], For system recovery, Windows 8 introduced new functions known collectively as "Push-button reset",[115] which allows a user to re-install Windows without needing to use installation media. [49], In Windows 8.1, searching no longer opens a full-screen interface; results are instead displayed in a Metro-style flyout interface. The same storage pool can host multiple storage spaces. [7] Upon launching an app, Windows allows the user to pick which snapped view the app should open into. [20] This menu contains shortcuts to frequently used areas such as Control Panel, File Explorer, Programs and Features, Run, Search, Power Options and Task Manager. [61][62] The feature can display images from local or remote directories, and includes additional options to use photos optimized for the current screen resolution, to disable the slide show while the device is running on battery power, and to display the lock screen slide show instead of turning off the screen after a period of user inactivity. [6] Snapped apps may occupy half of the screen. Instead Windows 8.1 gained support for specific features of SSHD drives, e.g. While using a tablet, you will mostly use the new Windows 8 apps. Because of this, the interface has been simplified so it will work with touchscreens. In a multi-monitor configuration, Windows 8.1 can optionally display the Start screen only on the primarily display monitor instead of the currently active monitor when the. [8], Windows 8 also includes a Metro-style system component called PC Settings which exposes a small portion of Control Panel settings. Windows RT is only able to run third-party Windows Store apps, but comes with a preinstalled version of Office 2013 specially redesigned for touchscreen use. [168][169], Measured Boot can attest to the state of a client machine by sending details about its configuration to a remote machine. Espacio de almacenamiento de datos suficiente disponible en un equipo, USB o una unidad externa para la descarga. This will launch the applet on the same page of Control Panel. [61] The lock screen can also display interactive toast notifications. An additional section of the Start screen called "All Apps" can be accessed via a right click from the mouse or an upward swipe and will display all installed apps categorized by their names. File History replaces both Backup and Restore and Shadow Copy (known in Windows Explorer as "Previous Versions") as the main backup tool of Windows 8. [129], Windows 8.1 introduces WDDM 1.3[130] and adds support for Miracast, which enables wireless or wired delivery of compressed standard- or high-definition video to or from desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. [147] Windows 8.1 improves this functionality by simplifying the device enrollment process for virtual smart cards and introduces additional virtual smart card functionality for Metro-style applications,[148] and enrollment and management features via WinRT APIs. A digital certificate of a smart card can be stored onto a user's machine and protected by the Trusted Platform Module, thereby eliminating the need for the user to physically insert a smart card, though entering a PIN is still required. These include a greater focus on optimizing the operating system for touchscreen-based devices (such as tablets) and cloud computing. Both of these options reboot the system into the Windows Recovery Environment to perform the requested operation; Refresh preserves user profiles, settings, and Windows Store apps, while Reset performs a clean installation of Windows. [18], In Windows 8.1, the aforementioned hotspots in the upper right and the upper left corners can be disabled. Because of the aforementioned changes involving the use of hot corners, user interface navigation in Windows 8 is fundamentally different when compared with previous versions of Windows. [44] Windows 8.1 Update boots to the desktop by default on non-tablet devices[41] and introduces the ability to switch to the taskbar from the Start screen or from an open Metro-style app by directing the mouse cursor toward the bottom of the screen. [68], Windows 8 allows users to link profiles with a Microsoft account to provide additional functionality, such as the synchronization of user data and settings,[69] including those belonging to the desktop, and allows for integration with other Microsoft services such as Xbox Live, Xbox Music, Xbox Video (for gaming and multimedia) and SkyDrive online file storage. Expanded color options on the Start screen, which now allows users to customize a color and a shade of one's own choice instead of choosing from limited colors. If a user hovers over a file with the mouse cursor or long presses with a finger a tooltip will appear and display additional information. When a user signs in with a Microsoft account or on a supported Active Directory network, a recovery key is generated and saved directly to the user's account. Many of us know that Windows 8.1 (codenamed Windows Blue) is an update for Windows 8 and Windows RT. [164], Of the four, secure boot is not a native feature of Windows 8; it is part of UEFI. Windows 8.1 is an update for Windows 8 that includes a number of improvements and features to address some of these issues. [27] App tiles can either be small (taking up 1 square) or large (taking up 2 squares) in size and can also display dynamic content provided by their corresponding apps, such as notifications and slide shows. [23], A number of apps are included in the standard installation of Windows 8, including Mail (an email client), People (a contact manager), Calendar (a calendaring app), Messaging (an IM client), Photos (an image viewer), Music (an audio player), Video (a video player), Camera (a webcam or digital camera client), SkyDrive, Reader (an e-book reader), and six other apps that expose Bing services (Search, News, Finance, Weather, Travel and Sports). To search for content within apps, users must first open an app and, if available, use a search feature from within that app's interface. for host-hinted LBA caching (TP_042v14_SATA31_Hybrid Information). [20], Hyper-V, a native hypervisor previously offered only in Windows Server, is included in Windows 8 Pro, replacing Windows Virtual PC, a hosted hypervisor. Features new to Windows 10; Features new to Windows 8; Windows Server 2012; List of features removed in Windows XP [58] Two new login methods optimized for touch screens are also available, including a four-digit PIN, or a "picture password," which users allow the use of certain gestures performed on a selected picture to log in. Windows 8 Features Download Fix - Fixes Windows 8/8.1 features download errors. File History is a continuous data protection component. [49] By default, Windows 8 searches for apps after a user begins searching from the Start screen or Search charm, but can also search other categories from the user interface or via keyboard shortcuts. YTD Video Downloader. To learn more about Microsoft's online services, check out our Microsoft Account and OneDrive and Office Online tutorials. [125], UEFI firmware can be exposed to Windows via class drivers. [115], Windows 8 incorporates improved support for mobile broadband as a "first-class" method of internet connectivity. Your computer may be updated to Windows 8.1 automatically, but you can also update it manually. Windows 8 Pro — comparable to Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise — includes encryption, virtualization, PC management and domain connectivity features. The interface also incorporates a taskbar on the right side of the screen known as "the charms" (lowercase), which can be accessed from any app or the desktop by sliding from the right edge of a touchscreen or compatible trackpad, by moving the mouse cursor to one of the right corners of the screen, or by pressing ⊞ Win+C. [140], The Action Center introduced in Windows 7 is expanded to include controls and notifications for new categories, such as SmartScreen status, drive health status, File History, device software updates, and the new Automatic Maintenance feature, which can periodically perform a number of maintenance tasks, such as diagnostics, updates, and malware scans to improve system performance. [47], Windows 8 defaults to a "hybrid boot" mode; when the operating system is shut down, it hibernates the kernel, allowing for a faster boot on the subsequent startup. You enter or buy a key by using the Add features to Windows 8 window. These include a greater focus on optimizing the operating system for touchscreen-based devices (such as tablets) and cloud computing. [20] Search queries can also be redirected between specific categories or apps after being entered. [135], Windows To Go is a feature exclusive to the Enterprise version of Windows 8 which allows an organization to provision bootable USB flash drives with a Windows installation on them, allowing users to access their managed environment on any compatible PC. Dubbed "Smart Search," Windows 8.1 and Bing can optionally analyze a user's search habits to return relevant content that is stored locally and from the Internet. [132][133], Windows PowerShell is Microsoft's task automation framework, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on .NET Framework. It can report the amount of disk space in use by WinSxS folder and can also determine if a cleanup should be performed. [162] A notable change in Family Safety is that administrators can now specify time periods for computer usage. [120], Windows 8.1 Update provides options for the "Network" Settings charm to show the estimated data usage for a selected network, and to designate a network as a metered connection. [107], Windows 8.1 improves hardware support with DirectX 11.2. [78], Progress windows for file operations have also been redesigned; offering the ability to show multiple operations at once, a graph for tracking transfer speeds, and the ability to pause and resume a file transfer. [179], A storage space behaves like a physical disk to the user, with thin provisioning of available disk space. DirectDraw emulation, previously deprecated, now exhibits significant performance degradation in certain legacy games. Windows 8.1 improves this component to include more options that were previously exclusive to Control Panel. [23][57] Windows 8.1 Update also introduces a visible search button on the Start screen that acts as a shortcut to the Metro-style flyout interface. [19], Pressing ⊞ Win+X or right-clicking on the bottom left corner of the screen opens the Quick Link menu. Quite a lot… For starters, even the chips in tablets and phones will support Windows 8 along with PCs and laptops. within the This PC location of File Explorer. [70][71], Windows 8 includes improved support for multi-monitor configurations; the taskbar can now optionally be shown on multiple displays, and each display can also show its own dedicated taskbar. [6][26] Windows 8.1 Update adds additional options to PC Settings. The Desktop Window Manager now runs at all times (even on systems with unsupported graphics cards; where DWM now also supports software rendering), and now also includes support for stereoscopic 3D content. Hovering the cursor over any logical processor's graph shows the. [48] By default, new account profiles in Windows 8.1 Update also receive four additional tiles pinned to the Start screen: This PC, PC Settings, Documents, and Pictures. When Windows 8 was released in 2012, many users complained that it was difficult and confusing to use, especially compared to older versions of Windows. [89] The Metro version can also detect and highlight phone numbers on a web page and turn them into clickable links that, when clicked, initiate a call with a compatible app such as Skype. This will be … ELAM ensures that all third-party boot drivers are trustworthy; they are not loaded if ELAM check fails. Windows 8 introduced a lot of new changes, and many people found it difficult to use. [54], Windows 8.1 Update enhances the Bing Smart Search feature by providing support for natural language queries, which can detect misspellings and display apps or settings relevant to a query. In lieu of the recent apps sidebar, computer icons for opened apps can be displayed on the taskbar; as with desktop programs, shortcuts to apps can also be pinned to the taskbar. This installation method was primarily designed to reduce the footprint of the Windows installation on devices with small amounts of storage. As the increased boot speed of devices with UEFI can make it difficult to access it using keyboard shortcuts during boot, the menu can now be launched from within Windows—using either the PC Settings app, holding down Shift while clicking the Restart option in the Power menu, or by using the new "-o" switch on shutdown.exe. [105], Support for Advanced Format hard drives without emulation is included for the first time. [106], A port of Windows for the ARM architecture was also created for Windows 8. Select “Programs” category. [171][172], Windows 8 includes an updated Windows Defender, an antivirus program that defends the system against a broad range of malware including computer viruses, computer worms and spyware. [108], Alongside the existing WinPE-based Windows Setup (which is used for installations that are initiated by booting from DVD, USB, or network), Upgrade Assistant is offered to provide a simpler and faster process for upgrading to Windows 8 from previous versions of Windows. More size options for live tiles on Start screen: small, medium, wide, and large. The Start charm invokes or dismisses the Start screen. Windows 8 devices store product keys directly in firmware rather than printed on a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) sticker. [19][56] Like its predecessor, Windows 8.1 allows users to search through setting and file categories, but the option to search through a category for apps is removed from the interface; the keyboard shortcut previously associated with this functionality, ⊞ Win++Q, now displays unified search results.

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