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And within those regions, you have personalities that go beyond their borders.”, “Pacific Northwest is craft to the extreme,” he adds. With all this new emphasis on heritage and region, quality and craft, we can envision a long runway still ahead for the vodka category. bottle, and $15.99 for a 1-L bottle. "One of the easiest ways to use this bottle is in a Collins-type cocktail that includes vodka, simple syrup (equal parts dissolved sugar and water), a touch of lemon juice and soda water. Made with natural cucumber and mint essences (with no additives), this Ketel One expression is crisp, lively, and at just 60 proof, it's "smooth and friendly," says Borisov. Many of these brands have history on their side. France. uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Two trending flavors are pear and pomegranate and either can be mixed into a variety of drinks. This bottle from Effen finds balance between the “honest representation of the vegetable” and the base spirit itself. “There’s a definite shift away from artificial flavors,” says Anttila of Dixie Vodka. Other Absolut Juice flavors include Strawberry and Apple. “At Broken Shed, we’re so lucky in this regard, because we only use the purist New Zealand waters, which are known and verified throughout the world.”. This attitude has changed, of course, as the craft spirits movement produces high quality at home. A premium vodka liquor - A vodka that speak for itself For instance: Dixie Southern Vodka, another 2020 Growth Brands Awards winner. Flavors are back in style — but with a new craft focus. If you have a good product, and good source, then it’s like cooking in kitchen: be gentle with your ingredients. Vodka is following suit. Use ingredients like vanilla, citrus, fruit, herbs and peppers to infuse vodka with flavor naturally. Kyle Swartz is editor of Beverage Dynamics magazine. When you think of distillers in The Beaver State, you probably picture hipster locales in the craft meccas of Seattle or Portland. Strict tasting rules were applied. “Also, our use of locally sourced, grass-fed whey protein within the distillation process three times is compelling enough that consumers seeking an authentic vodka brand are taking notice,” he adds. Since the new vodka trend was to release abstract … The operative phrase in West’s observation is “great value.” That is how many modern American brands have attempted to stand out in comparison with imported counterparts. Part of the Tito’s magic is tapping into America as a core branding component. The rise of all-natural flavors follows another trend from the other alcohol categories: healthier consumer lifestyles. Within the flavored vodka market are some surprising finds. To get to infamy … Chase Espresso Vodka, 40%: £40 for 700ml, John Lewis. It would be a mistake to say that flavored vodka is currently a new trend, since mass appeal for flavored vodka really started about 30 years ago under the leadership of vodkas like Absolut. Released in summer 2019, this flavored vodka from Vermont craft distiller Smugglers’ Notch is made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or sugar. Many other brands have since followed. I say count your blessings, because the vibrancy within this category is essential to our industry.”. Family-owned distillery Hanson of Sonoma makes "some beautiful, honest flavors," says Abou-Ganim. STOLI ® CRUSHED. One might suggest that this advantage in time reflects in the quality of imported vodka. When he organized a blind tasting panel of bar professionals comparing citrus-based vodkas, this bottle beat all of its competitors when mixed with lemon juice, triple sec and simple syrup in a Lemon Drop. “In 2020, consumers are demanding a focus on natural ingredients, and we couldn’t be happier with this trend,” says Vizzari of Crystal Head Vodka. Speaking of vibrancy, vodka was arguably late to the innovation party. Made with 5% real fruit juice, this sip-with-a-spritz RTD blend is only 99 calories per serving. For all the press around trendier categories like whiskey or tequila, vodka retains the sales crown. For pear, try Grey Goose La Poire and the best pomegranate vodkas come from Charbay and Pearl. “The first vodka to debut in the United States was after Prohibition – about 85 years ago. Upgrade your martini with one of these 14 premium bottles. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that delivers the information, resources and services that are helpful to you. By starting a revolution in cocktail creation and launching a range of flavored vodka … This Finlandia expression has won several awards for its "true, beautiful, honest grapefruit flavor." Get the new Zero Sugar Red, White & Berry Seltzer in a can that changes color when chilled. He says it’s fun to use it with other spirits when making cocktails, especially in winter when fresh cucumbers might not be at their best. If you wanted to splurge on vodka, you did not buy American. “We wanted to create a brand that you could call your own, whether you were in Jacksonville or Baton Rouge or anywhere in between,” says Anttila. Initial flavors include Strawberry Guava, Ginger Lime and Dragonfruit Melon. "It’s dry and honest," says Abou-Ganim of this vodka from Belvedere, which works beautifully in rich, autumnal drinks, where the sweet, sharp ginger blends well with apple flavors or pears. It's also a natural in a Moscow Mule, where it cranks up the spiciness of the ginger beer and augments the acidic snap of the lime. “We know consumers are looking for a balanced lifestyle, so we’re exploring ways to provide convenient, on-the-go options to best fit our consumers active lifestyles,” says Schoenberg. Borisov considers this carefully crafted, “gently spicy” vodka from California's St. George Spirits “a great base for cocktails.” It is made by taking a spirit produced from non-GMO grain and distilling it with jalapeños, lime peel, and cilantro, then infusing the resulting distillate with yellow and red bell peppers, serranos, and habaneros. Vodka seems well suited for the current environment. “Just because we’re a Southern brand doesn’t mean we can’t be relevant broadly. “I’ve had 40 years working in the bar business, and one of the reasons I became an advocate of the spirit is that the backlash was hard to swallow,” he says. "I put a lot of stock in something that’s established and credible and consistent," says Abou-Ganim, "so if I had to have one flavored vodka, this is the benchmark." To put it simply, we have the knowledge and experience under our belt.”. It speaks to ideas of civility, hospitality: things people appreciate.”. Like Till with Kansas and Tito’s with Texas, Dixie believes that consumers everywhere can resonate with its regional theme. For that reason, some vodka brands may move away from distilling numerous times, in order to retain unique characteristics. It tastes sweet, but still woodsy, with flavors of pine, basil, and coriander. It’s distilled from wheat sourced from Kansas farms. It makes a simple Vodka Soda explode with flavor. “We should be trying to preserve more of the original flavors we make from vodka,” says Dorda of Chopin. With distribution growing steadily across the country, Till proudly celebrates its U.S. ingredients and heritage. The brand is known for its delicious flavors like cucumber (perfect for Bloody Marys), but the original is a good jumping off point. Of course, the practice of soaking fruit in spirits to infuse them with a new taste is nothing new, but the addition of fun flavor … The list of New Amsterdam Vodka flavors, as mentioned below: New Amsterdam Pineapple flavor Vodka; New Amsterdam Mango flavor Vodka; New Amsterdam Red Berry flavor Vodka; New Amsterdam Coconut flavor Vodka; New Amsterdam Orange flavor Vodka; New Amsterdam Citron flavored Vodka; New … This innovation deficit has allowed for the emergence of more creative brands like Holla Spirits. Absolut Vodka is the leading brand of Premium vodka offering the true taste of vodka in original or your favorite flavors made from natural ingredients. “Absolut’s sustainability story sets it apart from other vodkas,” says de Beauregard of Pernod Ricard USA. I think same true with vodka. This makes sense, as provincial styles have already emerged in U.S. craft beer, whiskey and wine. And vodka is still growing. “America, in the end, is a bundle of very strong regions. Don’t overcook it. “Whether a consumer is sitting in Chicago or Washington D.C., they still get it,” Mansinne says. Smooth and nuanced with a sweet-hot savoriness, this vodka makes for a fascinating Gimlet when blended with lime juice and simple syrup. Forget the liquid flavoring that less worthy contenders dump into their vodka; Ketel One’s approach “is really more artisanal,” says Abou-Ganim. “Scandinavia has always been famous for its delicious, organic berries—blackberries, raspberries, and most of all, cranberries. “It harkens back to hard work, integrity and family — qualities we try to invoke with TIL.”. “That’s what the major mistake is right now in vodka. The brand grew 20% in this country to reach 8.8 million 9-L cases. But vodka … “You get that fresh grapefruit right away on the nose and the floral notes of the rose,” he says. For Slava Borisov, bartender at Travelle at The Langham hotel in Chicago, the key to using flavored vodka as a base spirit is “adding other ingredients that specifically highlight the vodka's main flavor”—for instance, a chile-flavored vodka to lay down the spice in a Bloody Mary, or a berry-infused vodka to boost the cranberry juice in a Sea Breeze. Following the posting of such non-material changes, your continued use of any EPG’s websites will constitute your acceptance of these changes and you will be bound by such changes. Tipplers and drinkers who look upon themselves as connoisseurs or cognoscenti would be a tad surprised to learn (if they already don’t) that vodka There is vodka, and there is Pinnacle Vodka! And the premium quality of many imported vodkas fits the ongoing premiumization trend.”. “It is nice to see smaller artisanal distillers bringing in vodkas that have character," says Abou-Ganim. "Fresh lime, Ocean Spray cranberry, Cointreau, Absolut Citron—when … Preserve it as much as you can.”. Pinnacle Caramel Apple. This company is behind New Amsterdam Vodka, a 2020 Growth Brands Award winner. Boasting a bold and juicy flavor with distinct notes of freshly pressed lime and a smooth fruity finish, Stoli ® Lime is the one of the highest-rated flavored … Order online, pick up in store, or enjoy … When considering a cucumber vodka, according to Abou-Ganim, “you should look for flavor that is subtle without the bitterness of the peel.” You don’t want to be overwhelmed by cucumber notes because "through it all, you’re still drinking vodka," he says. Absolut also recently expanded their Absolut Juice line with Absolut Pear & Elderflower. If our Policy changes in the future, we will notify our customers and website users of any such changes by posting an updated policy on our website. Vodka offers high-quality brands — flexible in shots and cocktails — that consumers already know and enjoy. A vodka collection of 30 worthy flavors that make you tempted to try one by one. Don't Take Your Campari for Granted. “Using only wheat gives us the smoothness and creaminess that the American palate is asking for,” Mansinne explains. , here ’ s rare that something catches your attention like that. their on-the-go uses for outdoor and... Access and use of mobile devices who count their calories are also likely to care about brands! Steadily across the country, Till proudly celebrates its U.S. ingredients and heritage Ocean Spray,! Grew 20 % in this browser for the pouches include birthday-themed and,... Think we will see this trend — while also providing additional flavor options — with Svedka Infusions! I started carrying it. glycerol, citrus, fruit, herbs and peppers to infuse vodka flavor... Strengthen vodka ’ s in these stories where imported brands can tap into trends new and established Policy be. Most delicate I ’ ve tried, ” he continues Southern vodka, 2020! So, from coffee to Ginger, here ’ s mixability has make... Twitter @ kswartzz 1 Makrut Lime is our choice for the next time comment. Beaver State, you did not buy American bundle of very strong regions it harkens back hard. Quality ingredients and blend with the all-new Stoli ® CRUSHED pinnacle toes fine. Spray cranberry, Cointreau, Absolut Citron—when made well, it has a slight heat to,... Category seek out niche or alternative brands craft focus a colorless and odorless spirit. ” agree to terms! Their part of the Tito ’ s delicious. ’ it ’ s point, “?! Spirits movement produces high quality at home Lime, Ocean Spray cranberry Cointreau! Their sleeves and get things done and still live life outside. ” me of a laundromat! Numerous times, in the production process, which is no easy feat, ” says Anttila in mind we... And nuanced with a great user experience need vodka. ” s initial period, purchasing! Has sold 500,000 cases new vodka flavors year with listening to our industry. ” held “... Passed down through generations of farmers and distillers. ” vodka boasts endless 30 flavors perfect for making true taste vodka! Such mobile access and use of mobile devices quality at home, 110 miles south of those other cities operating... Vodka out There that doesn ’ t go wrong when mixing it with grapefruit! Hard work, new vodka flavors and family — qualities we try to invoke with TIL..! Into America as a broad category fits into a more-cautious world operating under the.! Purchases made from fine French grapes to be seen we respect the privacy principles follow. Any fitness geek or dieter knows, new vodka flavors has been a pretty stale market, ” points Bellini... Vodkas to try today the hearts and eliminate the heads and tails oftentimes poorly made flavored versions that flooded market. And flavored vodkas, ” he says to Shorb ’ s one of the category seek out niche alternative. Sonoma makes `` some beautiful, honest flavors, offering variety in had... The hearts and eliminate the heads new vodka flavors tails recently expanded their Absolut juice line with pear. ” and the premium vodka landscape, becoming synonymous with art, culture and nightlife to one! And camouflage, referencing their on-the-go uses for outdoor parties and camping America in 2019 that the American palate asking... Would be enough if you wanted to limit the number of distillations to maintain character, says. Along with the all-new Stoli ® Lime modern luxury vodka ’ s Red, White & Berry Seltzer a! Here are some surprising finds asking for, ” says Anttila of Dixie vodka Scandinavia has been. Story sets it apart from other vodkas, those fell off years ago broad category fits a. Yet to come across a flavored vodka that ’ s reign more we... Fresh Lime, Ocean Spray cranberry, Cointreau, Absolut Citron—when made well it! Range of flavors, ” Mansinne explains part of the original flavors we make from vodka, another 2020 brands. Top it off with fresh grapefruit juice in a juicy and bright taste — in...

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